To help you to the best of our ability we encourage you to fill out our Artist Contact Form to give us a better understanding of what you will utilize the space for, link above. 

Recording Studio 


Day Rate




Hourly Rates

$25 an hour

$60 for 3 hours

$100 for 5 hours


Mixing and Mastering

To receive your bounced track 5-7 days after recording is completed we offer payment via a sliding scale of $70-$85 per track

 This is a sliding scale payment, meaning you pay whatever you can between our threshold.

To hear example tracks of our mix and masters please contact us via the contact page and we will be happy to provide you with examples of our previous work. Listen to the latest album we worked on for Indigo Jones below.

Contact us for rates to edit, mix, and/or master your podcast!

Photography & Video services 




$50-$85 for 1 hour (Includes editing)

This is a sliding scale payment, meaning you pay whatever you can between our threshold.

 Includes artists preparation time, so we ask that you come ready to be photographed. We provide several backdrops for you to choose from, along with the option of using full color spectrum lighting, and props.


Product photography

You have the option of your product shoot being completely contactless, you drop off your items, we photograph them, and then you pick them back up when we're done. 


Visit our GALLERY link to see our past photoshoots.





What's included?

- Event coverage up to 8 hours

- A custom wood flashdrive  (view example image here) with high resolution edited pictures, includes color correction and conversion to black and white

- A personal website with edited pictures to share with friends and family

View example website here

Blue Honey Studios is working along side 2 local queer craftspeople to create your custom wood flashdrive. We love supporting local business's, artists, and makers, and are beyond happy to give you the opportunity to support 3 local queer business's at one time!

1 hour of event coverage - $400 includes all of the above and 50-200 images

8 hours of event coverage - $2,800 includes all of the above and 500-1000 images


Delivery takes 2-3 weeks

Wedding photography includes a service contract and a deposit of half your total up front

These terms are non negotiable and nonrefundable.



B-Roll of Studio Time - $60

Music Video Shoots - Flat rate is $350

Editing - to receive your music video within 1 week $100


You have the option to receive all raw files to do what you want with, this is at no added cost. All we ask is for proper credit when your final product is released.

Need a promotional video for your work or business? Promotional videos are $50-80 an hour. Price varies regarding length of video and your vision!





We are located in Philadelphia but Blue Honey Studios in house photography team will travel to the location you want your photoshoot done at. Park? Club? University? We'll go just about anywhere! We have a $20 travel fee if your location is within 30 miles of Philadelphia. If your location is farther, contact us and we can discuss rates.

Artist packages

Starting Artist Package

  • 2-4 Tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered

  • 1 Photoshoot

  • 1-2 minute music video or promotional video

Total $500

Completed in 1 month


Developed Artist Package

  • 5-10 Tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered

  • 2 Photoshoots

  • 1 B-roll video of studio session

  • 2-3 minute music video

Total $750

Completed in 1-2 months


Advanced Artist Package

  • 10-15 Tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered

  • 3 photoshoots

  • 1 B-roll video of studio session

  • 1-2 minute promotional video

  • 3-5 minute music video

  • 1 week promotion on Soundcloud or Instagram

Total $1,000

Completed in 2-3 


Rent our space!

(We are not renting our space during the covid-19 pandemic follow us on instagram to keep updated on future renting availability)

Photography Studio Rental Prices

​$50 an hour 

What's included?

Lighting equipment, 2 LED lights with stands that range from soft yellow to white, 2 LED lights with color changing abilities

an assortment of backdrops to choose from

2 different size reflectors



We accept payment in the form of Venmo, Cashapp, Applepay, Paypal, and cash. We prefer you use one of the digital forms of payment to limit contact as much as possible. If you must use cash for your deposit, we ask that you meet us at the intersection of Baltimore Ave and 49th St sometime during daylight hours. We will disclose to you our location the morning of your session.