further covid info

From March 2020 until January 2021 we closed our studio and stopped taking clients seeing no way we could record or photograph clients in a safe/socially distant way. Not until we figured out a way we felt completely safe, and not until we had a socially distant set up that is capable of following CDC guidelines did we reopen. We are not interested in spreading COVID-19 to our community, families, or ourselves. So we take all imaginable precautions to increase our clients awareness of the immense importance of wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands, and having your temperature taken as you enter our studio space (these are generally good rules to follow while living in a pandemic regardless of where you're going).

DO NOT come into our studio if you do not wear a mask every time you go out, or socialize in groups of people who do not wear masks, hang out at other peoples homes, have traveled outside of the state/flown on an airplane, ect and not received a negative Covid test. If you come into our studio and have not been following quarantine or social distancing measures, you are a health hazard and we have zero interest in you coming into our space that we not only work out of but live out of. We ask that you respect yourself, our community, and us by making the appropriate decision to decrease the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible.   

Cancellation policy

Your deposit is nonrefundable if you do not give us a 24hr notice of you inability to show up. The morning of your session we will contact you to confirm you will be showing up, If you do not respond your deposit will not be refunded. It is vital that you respond to us the morning of your session, if you don't we will not prepare for your time and your appointment will be canceled.


If you need to reschedule due to unexpected circumstances, weather, or sickness we can keep your deposit and figure out a new day for you to come in or you can have your deposit returned. Your deposit will still be applied to your remaining balance at the end of your session.


We accept payment in the form of Venmo, Cashapp, Applepay, Paypal, and cash. We prefer you use one of the digital forms of payment to limit contact as much as possible. If you must use cash for your deposit, we ask that you meet us at the intersection of Baltimore Ave and 49th St sometime during daylight hours. We will disclose to you our location the morning of your session.