Recording  Mixing & Mastering

Our Blue Honey Studios audio engineers work together to record, mix, and master your tracks. We primarily work in Logic Pro, provide an assortment of instruments, and microphones. We're musicians ourselves, and understand the experience of the artist in the studio. We want you to leave the studio feeling like you've come further to reaching your musical goals, and work alongside you to make sure it happens.

Photography & Videography

At Blue Honey Studios we have a photography studio along with our recording studio. We're experienced in shooting portraits, food photography, weddings, and creative shoots. We offer video production in the form of music videos, studio b-roll, and promotional ads for a variety of content. Visit our rates page to learn more.

The artist space

Need a space to work? Produce? Create? Photograph? Blue Honey Studios rents out our Recording studio and Photography studio. So you have the opportunity to work alongside us or bring your own creatives in! Visit our rates page to learn more.